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February 14, 2016

Long time no see!

If you’ve been following me recently you might have noticed that I released a blog post outside of my personal blog on Medium. Why did I do that?

The answer is simple: Because I wanted to explore what I can do with markup and writing. Medium has great visuals while my old personal blog at tumblr was basically a mess. It was also easier to get into writing there. For this and some other reasons, I’m leaving tumblr and instead opted to switch to Jekyll, a self-hosted Markdown (or any other markup language) based platform.

What are my motivations for this?

tumblr is relatively hard to style. It has so many post types that require different blocks of styles and the blocks themselves aren’t easy to understand either. It is very hard work to get a relatively clean yet functional template on tumblr.

With Jekyll I have plain old HTML and SCSS to do whatever I want. I can even put up some custom configuration using the provided _config.yml file. Despite the fact that it’s self-hosted I still don’t have to do much other than writing my posts. I made this design in a relatively short timeframe, something I wouldn’t have been able to do with tumblr or even (omg I’m saying it) WordPress. Writing hasn’t become more difficult either. I just put up a markdown file with 6 starting lines and I’m ready to go with Markdown. Should I need something fancy I still have the option to include HTML, just like any other platform (except Medium) allows me to do.

All my old posts are still available, reformatted for Markdown and Jekyll. Even my very detailed Surface Pro 4 review has been reformatted from Medium.

What are my plans?

I plan to write a little bit more. Mostly about tech but maybe about other stuff as well. Now that I’ve got better tools to help me with that I think I can enjoy it more. Every now and then I also plan to make detailed posts, just like my Surface Pro 4 review. We’ll see how it developes.


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